Thank you to all the BUZZIN' BEEs at our first BTBN hands on In Service!

Another Outstanding Learning Session!

(Couldn't make this one?) Next In Service Thursday, Nov. 7th! Mark Your Calendar!

Our First MEMBERS ONLY 'HANDS ON' Online Learning Session August 7th at the Niagara Falls Library was a huge success!
For those of you who can't make a Hands On Session or would rather figure things out on your own Download This Simplified How-To Handbook

Big round of applause to those who eagerly participated in our FIRST MEMBERS ONLY Hands On In-Service for our BEEtheBUZZnetwork International Social Media Site!!!

Julie Stobbe
 of Mind over Clutter,              
Pushpa Bansal of Matrix Tapper Rev Gail Ingwall of  Reiki Master Weddings & Celebration of Life Services Siegfried Merten of Merten Financial   &   Send Out Cards Wendy Harrison of Wendy-Works Office Solutions,     Gloria Messenger of Angel Messenger  and me Carolyn Shannon of Empowerment Starts Here

Please also applaud Barbara Hopkins of Royal Canadian Legion 230  for Adding Events on her own even though she couldn't make the In Service!  

Testimonials from Attending BEEniagara Members

"I attended the BEEtheBUZZnetwork site training yesterday. And, even though I'm from IT background  I felt, even before attending the course, that I had made the right decision ~ *my procrastination has to go*.  That feeling was fully justified after completing the 3-hour training taught by Founder Carolyn Shannon .  I have attended a number of seminars, conferences and training courses in the last few years and I would say, Carolyn has covered breadth and quality of the information in her presentation and gave us an apt binder for future reference.  I felt “accomplished” upon leaving the training.  Carolyn is a phenomenal teacher who thought of every aspect of the training including refreshments.  Her teaching style was engaging and superbly informative and we integrated profiling, blogging, images, events and social media to name a few.  I would recommend this training to both novice and experienced BEEtheBUZZnetwork  Entrepreneurs.”   Pushpa Bansal of Matrix Tapper


"Thank you Carolyn for the great computer In Service yesterday.  Sometimes trying to figure out how web sites work can be daunting, you made it fun and easy.  Your booklet was especially helpful, now I can blog and post events  communicate with other members easily."   Rev Gail Ingwall of  Reiki Master Weddings & Celebration of Life Services

Carolyn made the gains in technology an easy 'hands-on' flow into my brain yesterday at the BEEniagara Networking website seminar. Now I can carry on with this updating and blogging/event-posting, etc. with  somewhat ease. THANK YOU CAROLYN SHANNON. It was good to be a part of the 'Buzzing in the Hive!' Gloria Messenger of Angel Messenger 

Next 'Banners Ahoy' Evening Event October 17!  Here are the Details!

Next BEEniagara LUNCH & LEARN September 11!
Joe Feta's Greek Village 290 Lake Street, St. Catharines 11:30-1:30pm

Member Spotlight

Our September Spotlight is on Is Your Health Affecting YOUR Business? Signs, Syptoms & Preventative Tips! (Not a Sales Pitch) presented by AnnaMarie Warriner  

of Let the Healing Begin who believes... Your ONLY True Asset in Life Is Your Health! REGISTER NOW!.

Please bring extra business cards with you next meeting to fill in the empty spots in our new Business Card Holders 
A nice, organized way for us to keep each others information at our fingertips.

The doors to our meetings open at 11:15 so come early and join the meet and greet before the main event. Don't worry if you can't come early there will be plenty of time after the meeting for networking with fellow members and guests.

(Remember...there is extra parking behind Pizza Hut if arriving 'just on time')

Build your profile up on the BEE The BUZZ Network international website. Preferred profile pictures should be your logo’s.

If already a BEEniagara Member simply sign up and once approved you may add photos, bio's, events, videos, blog writeups,etc for the world to see!
...If not, and want to be a FULL MEMBER or an Online Member of BEE The Buzz Network simply sign up and choose which membership and also how long for us to invoice you, making it possible for you to be part of this AMAZING Network on whatever level you wish to 'BEE'
BEE Niagara has our own local subgroup of BEE The Buzz Network. So, once signed up & approved, join the BEE Niagara group, to post your comments, special offers, etc that are just for us. Make sure to make all of your fellow members your friend.

Remember:.  Nothing is written in stone in our group. It continues to evolve into something amazing because of your input. We are improving everyday!

It takes a hive of activity to make some honey.


Putting Our Heads Together...   to Improve ALL Our Businesses!  See YOU at Our September 11th Lunch & Learn! Is Your Health Affecting YOUR Business?

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